"Living Jewels of the Forest": Native Bees
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Coal Country Beeworks
The Coal Country Beeworks is committed to re-establishing bees and beekeeping in the region. view site

2014 Eastern Apiculture Society conference
EKU will be hosting the 2014 Eastern Apiculture Society conference. For more details about this conference, please see the following link:

Work I Knew I Must: Reminiscences of a Bee Factory Worker, Jane Cole, 1869-1911.
Forthcoming, summer 2013. A.I. Root publications.

Beeconomy: What Women and Bees Can Teach Us about Local Trade and the Global Market.  
University Press of KY.

Reclamation Honey Bee Project:  
Resulting from the 2006-2007 NEH Chair of Appalachian Studies Fellowship, the Reclamation Honey Bee Project is a collaborative project in which bee hives are placed at Big Elk Mine and Robinson Forest. Participation with beekeepers who live on surface-mined land are also included. We are using bees to gauge new forestry reclamation practices and honey production potential. This project will be expanded in 2007-2008 to include reclamation sites owned by ICG.